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CBD Oil – Will I pass a drug test?

Well…that depends…

What type of drug test is it? If it’s for controlled substances or marijuana, yes, you will pass a drug test if you’re only using hemp-derived CBD, even if it’s a false positive, meaning a threshold test is performed. So then you may ask, what’s a threshold test? Allow me to explain…
(and this is worth the read for the education to make the best informed decision for your health and career).

So this is how I answer this question…and anyone in the industry SHOULD answer along these lines…

It is encouraged to check with your manager/HR channels to find out if you are subject to the zero tolerance govern (typically by company or organizational policy), or if you are subject to Federal Law. The two ARE different. For instance, I cannot/would not encourage my Active duty service member friends/family to use CBD, due to the Military being held to the Cannabis zero tolerance rule at this time. Even testing below the Federal legal limit (0.3%) is unacceptable to our service members, and would expect negative repercussions should there be a positive drug test, regardless of threshold testing.

With that said, I do know of some service members who opt to take it and run the risk. I don’t advise that, and ensure they fully understand they are rolling the dice, and ask them if they’re willing to fight back should they run into issues. That’s their choice, but I can’t guarantee they won’t face issues. I can’t control what others do – only give you the facts and operate ethically/morally. I don’t judge anyone’s choice to better their health above anything else, and will always practice confidentiality with my network and your privacy for my customer’s orders.

For Federal Employees/Government contractors, MOST are held to Federal Law. Same with Law enforcement/State employees. Other field such as CDL drivers may be held to zero tolerance laws. It’s all how it’s written in your company’s policy documentation and what you agreed to in the drug policy, in order to determine what you’re protected under. It’s not a bad thing to do your research, read the documentation, actually understand it, have it on hand, and ensure you know what you’re subject to.

If you don’t want to take the chances on testing positive for THC, go with the THC-free oil (AKA CBD isolate) and products (coffee is amazing and it’s THC-free too!). Still plenty of health benefit, just no “entourage” effect, with the other cannabinoids.

I also know of some Federal employees/Government Contractors who never get drug tested, and have no problems doing something that is better for their health. They consider it very low risk. Have you noticed that drug testing in the Government world all around has decreased (Military out of scope in that comment)? It’s because it’s not cheap with the threshold testing, and takes added resources (time/money/bodies) that the Government simply does not pour resources into. A lot of companies and Government entities will only test if there is an incident, investigation, tip, etc. I’m not veering you one way or the other, it’s your call. But it’s best to be informed correctly.

If you’re willing to take your chances (and disclaimer: I’m not encouraging you one way or the other, simply giving you the info, I know that’s repetitive, but I can’t stress that enough), go with the full spectrum oil. You most likely will not pop positive on a drug test, because MOST tests are formulated to test over that 0.3% Federal legal limit threshold. So if you’re held to Federal law and it’s not zero-tolerance, you’re safe all around. It’s comparable to the .08% BAC laws. But if you’re under 21, it’s zero tolerance, period. No grey area, zero tolerance. See what I’m saying?

HempWorx full spectrum CBD oil always has less then the Federal legal limit.  Most, if not all of our batches typically lab test out under 0.1% THC (considered a micro-dose, and very important for that “entourage effect”). Feel free to check any of the batch lab tests on our website (under Documentation), and have those on hand if you go through HR. Every batch is tested and documentation provided if ever needed. But crazy enough, that small micro-dose goes a LONG way with that entourage effect! If you don’t know what I’m talking about – hit up the Google Gods. This whitepaper is about drug testing, not the entourage effect and difference between full spectrum vs. CBD isolate – again take to the Google Gods, or I can help answer that question as well. Or stay tuned for the next blog explaining it in my words.

The laws are continuing to change for the better. The research and science proves CBD is completely non-harmful and has been removed from the controlled substance list, no longer categorized with THC. With the new Farm Bill 2018 passed, all CBD oil derived from Hemp Cannabis will no longer be in question. The grey areas will be more black and white as things evolve further. Even for active duty service members, unless they specifically write it into directive/official message that they cannot use Cannabidiol (CBD). I don’t foresee this happening, but it will take time for it to be fully allowable, as there is still a lot of education and misunderstanding with those at the top.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Crystal Silins

Crystal Silins

Cannabis Educator and Advocate

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