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Instead of thinking outside of the box – get rid of the box.

2 years ago, I left my cybersecurity corporate America job that stressed me TF out.Β  Instead of seeking gratification in a field, I didn’t love, with another company, I started thinking outside of the box – then I got rid of the box.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a cake walk, especially when you let the tough times, lack of true support, and bullies get to you.

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

I feel a new beginning of blessings coming toward our family, and I’m running to meet it all with open arms! πŸ€— soooooo……


I’m going to continue to ROCK my entrepreneurship endeavors, and lead a kick-ass growing team of #moguls, and dive back into some part time corporate work!

We still have #hurricanesally repairs, and need to work hard to save some cash to meet my Military spouse abroad in 2022!!! And it’s time to give my daughter ALLLLLLL the dance classes she wants (and maybe some academic tutoring too).

Opportunity knocked, and I felt aligned. And it’s not that same cyber work! But that background will surely come in handy!

So you read that right folks – I’m stepping back into a corporate realm as a contractor again!

And, the best part – my new boss supports my mission, business, and endeavors. 🌿🌿🌿 I can’t wait to take on another challenge! And continue my mission. Like a rock-star!!!

Stay tuned for what’s next!!!

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